IFC Fleet: an independent, unbiased fleet service

IFC Fleet is part of IFC Fleet Group and was launched in 2001. With the goal of delivering unbiased advice and highly-competitive fleet services ensuring the optimal fleet operation, we fast became the default service provider for large businesses.

Why choose ifc fleet

In the digital economy, fleet services can become faceless, robotic entities. IFC Fleet is different, because we’ve successfully combined traditional fleet services with the latest technology.

Our experienced team sits at the heart of the IFC Fleet operation and is the reason we’re the fleet service provider of choice for countless household names and large corporations. We’ve built a reputation for listening and working directly with each client to ensure the fleet matches their needs.

We don’t provide flatpack fleet services, nor do we disappear once the contract is in place.  We are with you and your drivers whether they want a new vehicle or for any aspect of legacy fleet management.  IFC Fleet strives for continual improvement and our team loves to be challenged.

Contact our friendly team today to find out how we could save you an average of £700 per company vehicle over its contract life.

IFC Fleet is a proud member of the IFC Group which incorporates