Tailored fleet services, delivered with passion

Business vehicle fleets are made up of many constituent elements. Managing them all internally while remaining compliant and within budget is challenging. We know this, which is why we’ve spent close to two decades refining the following services.

New Vehicle Acquisition

Sourcing the best leasing companies, finding the most cost-effective deals and providing drivers with the ultimate vehicle selection tool is our speciality.

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Servicing and Repairs

There’s a lot to be said for knowing that your fleet vehicles are serviced on time with repairs carried out cost effectively ensuring maximum safety for drivers. IFC Fleet provides one point of contact for every eventuality.

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Administration and Reporting

From invoicing to traffic offences and MOTs, it’s often the things you can’t see that make a big difference to fleet management. IFC Fleet will take the red tape and paperwork off your hands.

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Incident Administration

Incidents are unfortunately part and parcel of running a vehicle fleet, but IFC Fleet can provide many years of experience to help get drivers back on the road and keep down-time to a minimum.

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Driver Support

Our online vehicle selection tool and in-life servicing support provides drivers with the best possible experience while ordering or in possession of a company vehicle.

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Why choose IFC Fleet

Since 2001, we’ve been helping businesses reduce the cost and stress associated with managing vehicle fleets. Our experience, knowledge and desire to marry traditional services with leading-edge technology keeps us one mile ahead of the competition and your business safely on the road.